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eCrawl powers thousands of businesses world-wide. All with very different user needs. We help them to get the data they need, from the internet.

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Why do thousands of businesses choose eCrawl?



We know what running an online business entails and how important it is to work with reliable providers.

We have over 12 years’ experience in the online industry. We guarantee 99.9% availability and deliverability with all our APIs and services.

Working with eCrawl gives you peace of mind. Knowing that everything is working as it should be and a Support Team is available 24/7 for any problems.



With eCrawl real-time APIs, you receive fresh, updated data, which gives you the highest level of accuracy. This is what your business needs – do not settle for less!

Whether you are feeding your product with raw data or are extracting data for analysis. Having fresh, updated data is the way to go and our can APIs guarantee that.

We can also provide 100% accurate historical data.



We know you need your data and you need it fast!

We work hard to provide you high-performance fast responses – always.

You will experience fast support, providing quick solutions to any requests.



Save time and money and eliminate frustrations. By using eCrawl services, you can focus on your core business needs.

Use our proxies to crawl, and find the data you need, using your own methods. Or alternatively, use our APIs and Custom Services and let us get the data you need.

100% Guaranteed.



At eCrawl, we never rest on our laurels. Innovation is a top priority for us!

As a tech savvy who uses our infrastructure or APIs, you will have access to detailed docs, on how things are done. Also, Tech Support Agents that know what you are talking about.

For less techie users, our Support Agents are here to help you with Customized Services - to get the data you need! No programming knowledge is required.



As an online business that works with other providers, we give the support level that we'd love to receive from our own providers.

24/7 Support via Email, Skype and Ticketing system.

Fast responses to solution and problems. That’s what we strive for!

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Unlimited Bandwidth

We charge by API requests, data packages or proxy packages. We'll never charge you by bandwidth!

Use cases.



SEO & SEM - Powering softwares with on-demand SERP data (API returning results with raw HTMLs or JSON parsed data), SERP data for internal SEO analysys, reputation management and more...

Tech - Powering SaaS products and internal systems, by feeding them raw data.

Big Data - Get the raw data for big data analysis.

Travel - Know your competitors flight fares and hotel pricing in real time, and act accordingly.

Ecommerce - Track your competitors pricing and other data in real-time..

Real estate - Extract property listings data, for monitoring and analysys, generate leads and more...

Security / Intelligence - Find business data, people search and other public domain data.

Finance - Get real-time financial data from various resources, to help you make the right decisions.



Marketing & Sales - Gather data for lead generation. Know what is happening in Social Media and have the latest SERP data for your SEO department. Make comparisons with your competitors.

Pricing Intelligence - Have instant access to real-time pricing data from your competitors. Crucial intelligence for your business environment.

Market Research - Real-time market data, helps you make the right business decisions at the right time.

Brand Mentions - Protect your brand and products, by knowing when and where it was mentioned.

HR (Jobs) - Find the right people for the job, by receiving profile data from sites such as LinkedIn.

Management - Use eCrawl ,to find any data you need from the internet.

and other niche cases...

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Our APIs.

  • With our APIs, you can receive fresh live data instantly.
  • Receive raw HTMLs or JSON structured parsed data.
  • Real Time (Get) / Bulk (Post) methods with Pingback/
    Callback options.
  • User-friendly API documentation.
  • A dedicated API Support Team.

Our Proxies.

We offer 3 types of solutions, for those who prefer to utilize our reliable infrastructure, for DIY scrapping:

API Based Proxies.

API Based proxies, allow you to call the same API endpoints without interruptions. Decoupling from the backend target proxies, which protect you from any changes.

Data-Center Proxies.

Data-Center proxies are a popular solution. Perfect for a fast, reliable and anonymous solution. They fit some tasks better than others, so you can choose between them and Residential Proxies, depending on your requirements.

Residential Proxies.

Millions of highly anonymous and unblockable proxies. From real users all around the world.


Customized Solutions

At eCrawl, we are experts in large volume custom scrapping and can make any idea you have come to life.

We have provided custom scrapping solutions for hundreds of companies over the years. Consequently, you can be rest assured, that your data extraction needs are in capable hands.

We also provide consultation to businesses, regarding infrastructure for specific tasks.


eCrawl is your window to the world!

We provide amazing global coverage - which allows you to get data any time, from anywhere, in the world.