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SEO & SEM - Powering softwares with on-demand SERP data (API returning results with raw HTMLs or JSON parsed data), SERP data for internal SEO analysys, reputation management and more...

Tech - Powering SaaS products and internal systems, by feeding them raw data.

Big Data - Get the raw data for big data analysis.

Travel - Know your competitors flight fares and hotel pricing in real time, and act accordingly.

Ecommerce - Track your competitors pricing and other data in real-time..

Real estate - Extract property listings data, for monitoring and analysys, generate leads and more...

Security / Intelligence - Find business data, people search and other public domain data.

Finance - Get real-time financial data from various resources, to help you make the right decisions.



Marketing & Sales - Gather data for lead generation. Know what is happening in Social Media and have the latest SERP data for your SEO department. Make comparisons with your competitors.

Pricing Intelligence - Have instant access to real-time pricing data from your competitors. Crucial intelligence for your business environment.

Market Research - Real-time market data, helps you make the right business decisions at the right time.

Brand Mentions - Protect your brand and products, by knowing when and where it was mentioned.

HR (Jobs) - Find the right people for the job, by receiving profile data from sites such as LinkedIn.

Management - Use eCrawl ,to find any data you need from the internet.

and other nice cases...

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