API Based Proxies

It can be very challenging to analyze and gather data. Especially when our competitors and companies in general, take steps to protect their websites, from other corporate IP addresses. Using a proxy service can be a great solution to this frustrating problem.

APIs are entry points for one application to use the capabilities of another one. It is necessary to implement API proxies to create APIs. Our API based proxies offer public or private proxies in an API interface. The API proxies enable you to call the same API endpoints, without any interruptions.

By creating an API proxy, it provides a cloak for the backend service that you want to expose. When you are making backend changes to your services, apps will continue to call the same API without any interruption.

API based proxies provide access to excellent value-added features, such as: Analytics, Caching & persistence, CORS, Fault Handling, Quotas, Rate Limiting, Security and Transformations.

API Based Proxies
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